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Peaceful Ridge Recovery provides a medically driven, scientifically based and discrete approach to helping you and your loved ones with challenges associated with substance abuse. We understand that this can be an overwhelming and frustrating situation and we are committed to using the newest and most effective approaches to help you get your life back. We believe that many people whom have had previous experiences in treatment have not failed, but the programs have failed them. There are new and exciting treatments available to help you and it is our mission to employ all of them in a team based approach to provide you with a fresh start. Peaceful Ridge Recovery serves both adults and adolescents.

These approaches include:
  • Primary medical care at every office visit
  • Individual therapy at every office visit
  • Effective outpatient detox using non-addictive medications
  • Education on brain addiction, medical approaches, resilience in recovery and evidenced based solutions
  • Family Therapy that will help to resolve painful experiences resulting from addiction and support future recovery

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Real Addiction Recovery

Why do our programs work? Because they’re tailored to each individual’s recovery. Peaceful Ridge Recovery has seen all too often the detrimental effects of a poor recovery program, so we’ve created treatment programs based on scientifically proven results. Our medically-based programs balance the biological, mental, psychological and physiological elements of addiction recovery for each client that comes into our center.
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