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Baby Boomers with Health Conditions


~ Integrative treatment for boomers with added healthcare matters


If you’re in your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, etc. and struggling to emerge from alcoholism or addiction, you’re in the right place!  And guess what, here at Peaceful Ridge we have a program custom tailored for your generation which, integrates a very effective balance of holistic and clinical components. The area however, where boomers and retirees tend to struggle with finding the right facility, has to do with matters involving co-occurring medical conditions.  Most addiction treatment centers are unfortunately ill-equipped to properly treat folks in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s of whom are simultaneously dealing with temporary or chronic medical conditions.

When a 65 year old cancer patient becomes addicted to narcotic painkillers yet is forced to adhere to weekly chemotherapy treatments, what is he or she to do? Or how about the 55 year old alcoholic who is just emerging from a near fatal car accident and required to engage in weekly physical therapy sessions? And these are just two of hundreds of realistic scenarios which boomers often face.

Peaceful Ridge Recovery has completely redefined this type of substance abuse recovery option. Whatever yours or your loved ones physical disorder or condition may be, we have an in-depth medical network and day to day fluidity that enables your treatment to occur on multiple levels! We will treat the addiction while simultaneously ensuring that all of your medical needs are met in every respect. So whether you suffer from diabetes, cancer, a physical disability, heart disease or anything of the like, rest assured you will be in excellent hands 24/7!

  • Integrating finely tailored treatment approaches within a state-of-the-art facility
  • A luxurious setting that is tailored to each individual client
  • A hybrid program that blends holistic and clinical components
  • Residential or outpatient treatment options based on your specific needs
  • A coed environment designed for mature clients

Let’s make this the very last time that you or your loved one are searching for treatment.

A Program that Works for those with Physical Disorders!



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