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Treatment for Boomers & Retirees


~ Integrative treatment designed around the needs of boomers and retirees…


We understand how addiction and alcoholism touches each person on a number of levels, and in a manner that is very unique to the individual.  We understand the unique distinctions in successful treatment approaches between baby boomers and retirees as opposed to those among more recent generations.  If you’re in your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, etc. and struggling to emerge from alcoholism or addiction, you’re in the right place!  And guess what, here at Peaceful Ridge we have a program custom tailored for your generation which, integrates a very effective balance of holistic and clinical components.

We’ve heard those all-too-common self defeating words from so many others of the boomer generation; “Why bother at this point,” or “I’m so far down at this point and don’t have what it takes,” or “Nothing else seems to work,” and so on…  This program is created on the basis that mature individuals who suffer from addiction or alcoholism are actually at certain advantages over younger folks.  At Peaceful Ridge we know how to harness those advantages, and ultimately set the stage for a sober and joyous “golden years” experience!

  • Integrating finely tailored treatment approaches within a state-of-the-art facility
  • A luxurious environment designed for a mature demographic
  • A hybrid program that blends holistic and clinical components
  • Residential or outpatient treatment options based on your specific needs
  • A coed environment conducive for boomers and mature clients

Let’s make this the very last time that you or your loved one are searching for treatment.


Treatment for Boomers & Retirees that Works!



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