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Addiction Recovery For Professionals


Gain recovery without jeopardizing your career.


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Professional Recovery ProgramsWhether seeking recovery that recognizes the career responsibilities  or looking for resolution to a legal situation, Peaceful Ridge Recovery has recovery programs for professionals that are structured specifically to support career schedules and requirements. Our facility offers a BBT (Brief Behavioral Therapy) option or other various therapies in an advanced program tailored to professionals. Our goal  is to support professionals with a recovery option that allows them to maintain their responsibilities.

These particular programs incorporate a focused recovery treatment into a professional lifestyle. We understand that things happen. Regardless of the field, industry, or job requirements, drug addiction can impede on our ability to be a sound and productive member of a work force. If an addiction problem is getting in the way of job productivity, our recovery program is an opportune option to find the path to recovery without the further interruption of responsibilities.

professional_program_schedule8 to 10 weeks
Our recovery programs for professionals are an escalated option that provides professionals the ability to work with supportive staff that respect their situation, need for privacy and confidentiality. This accelerated program will provide professional counseling experience with trained staff that accommodate scheduling needs. We’ll balance the recovery process with career responsibilities so that our working clients can find their path to recovery without sacrificing their roles in the work place.



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