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International Client Accommodations

Here at Peaceful Ridge Recovery, we offer a unique and specialized recovery program. With such a rare and effective program, we like to create the opportunity for those from afar to find their path to recovery with us.

Each year, Florida welcomes thousands of patients from the Bahamas and the Caribbean as they seek access to health and wellness programs that are otherwise unavailable or too expensive. Our team is experienced with catering to international clients and can help you coordinate a visit.

Our international client accommodations can cover everything to facilitate an easy visit so your recovery program is the focus of your stay. We will work with you to make arrangements for your airfare, a place to stay and travel to and from the Peaceful Ridge Recovery center. In most cases, we’ll accept your insurance and it won’t be any concern, but no matter what, we can work with you to cover your program.

Bahamas Addiction Help Line: 242-427-7674

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