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The Executive Approach


~ A holistic program molded around the personal & clinical needs of the busy executive…


Whether it is the stress, the immense corporate pressure, the guilt or remorse you may feel while this seemingly never-ending cycle forces you to try and keep it all together…we get it!  We understand the strife and the cycle of how the drugs or alcohol seem to be the only solution or coping tool. It’s almost as if the drinking or using isn’t the problem, it’s the solution, right?  We understand, we’ve been there, and rest assured there is a realistic and very effective solution for you right here and right now!

The Peaceful Ridge Recovery Program for Executives is molded around you in every respect.  We will literally plug in a uniquely balanced blend of holistic and clinical components that address your current, past and future issues, all of which in a manner that meets your scheduling needs.  This is about more than just treating your addiction; this is about treating the “professional & personal you” as it applies to all aspects of your life.

  • Integrating finely tailored treatment approaches within a state-of-the-art facility
  • A luxurious environment designed for a mature demographic
  • An executive hybrid program that blends holistic and clinical components
  • A level of fluidity that enables you to “check into treatment without checking out of life
  • Redefining effective treatment and rivaling national programs, yet nearly half the cost!

Let’s make this the very last time that you or your loved one are searching for treatment.


Executive Treatment that Works!



Peaceful Ridge Recovery || Check into treatment without checking out of life