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A Hybrid Treatment Approach


~ Merging an array of holistic and clinical components into a new level of effectiveness…


Throughout the world of addiction treatment there seems to be one constant nearly across the board, and that is that most treatment facilities tend to use one approach or the other.  They’re 12-step based, or non 12-step based, or faith-based or who knows what…  They take a linear approach based on a black and white frame of thought and attempt to treat a broad and multi-dimensional malady like drug or alcoholism within a straight-line, singular approach.  But what about what’s best for the patient?  Why not use every tool available and treat the addiction from all directions?  After all, addiction and alcoholism are 3-fold illnesses that exist on physical, psychological and spiritual levels!

At Peaceful Ridge Recovery we break the mold and redefine the treatment process.  From the latest holistic approaches to cutting edge neuro-based treatments and even time tested therapeutic processes, this is addiction treatment that transcends the status quo.  We do not operate on the basis of personal opinions, we operate on the basis of whatever combination of tailored methods will best ensure long-term success for each individual client.

  • Integrating finely tailored treatment approaches within a state-of-the-art facility
  • A hybrid program that blends holistic and clinical components
  • A luxurious environment designed for a mature demographic
  • Residential or outpatient treatment options based on your specific needs
  • A coed environment that focuses on sobriety in real-life conditions with long-term success in mind

Let’s make this the very last time that you or your loved one are searching for treatment.


A Hybrid Approach that Transcends Traditional Rehabs!



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