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Addiction is a complex and challenging problem for millions of people.  It is an interaction of environment, genetics, and biological factors. This explains why some people become addicted and others do not. It also explains why mere talk therapy, alone, has failed millions of individuals seeking a lasting recovery. The individuals seeking recovery through detox recovery programs have not failed… the treatment has. Trying to talk people out of an addiction is as ridiculous as trying to talk them out of  heart disease.


Peaceful Ridge Recovery’s unique approach creates real recovery that lasts.

Breakthrough ProgramsMedical AttentionReal World Recovery
Peaceful Ridge Recovery is implementing the recent research that demonstrates how new medications can significantly impact the success rate of recovery. We provide an evidence based medical approach that utilizes these recent breakthroughs in addiction recovery.

Our team works with our clients to develop a balanced medical and therapeutic approach to their recovery program. This creates a foundation for them to find their path. Our clients regain their life, family, self-esteem and drive as they find and maintain their recovery.

We provide Medically Assisted Treatments.medically_assisted_treatment

  • Addiction is a brain disease, so it is critically important to use a medical approach that’s supported by counseling.  Counseling alone has failed many individuals attempting recovery.  We provide our clients with the most recent breakthroughs in medical approaches.
  • Our recovery programs require clients to meet daily with our medical team, providing them with monitored non-narcotic, non-habit forming medicines that will allow them to detox and, more importantly, provide them with a platform to rapidly build their recovery.
  • This approach is proven through science and is being promoted by high ranking federal agencies.
  • We understand that for many individuals there are underlying problems such as trauma, depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, obsessions and other psychiatric illnesses.  Our doctors treat our patients for these conditions while our counselors provide therapies proven to assist with recovery.
  • We know that intensive individual counseling is a vital component to the recovery process and that group therapy is not the answer for everything.  Our program is structured so individual therapy is part of our daily recovery program.  We do not simply offer a parade of endless groups.

We meet you where you are.real_world_recovery

  • We understand that our clients may not be able to leave a job, family, or loved ones for weeks on end.  Whenever possible, we provide our services in an outpatient setting.
  • This approach allows us to offer our services to clients in a real world setting.
  • We offer discrete residential, day and night treatments and outpatient services tailored to fit the schedules of our clients.
  • We offer family therapy that helps rebuild support systems.
  • Our specialty therapies support medical treatments and address trauma, depression, anxiety as well as any other barriers to recovery.