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Family and Couples Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Peaceful Ridge Recovery offers family and couples therapy as part of the addiction treatment process. We know how vital relationships are to life. To ensure our patients are given the support they need to take the life changing step towards a clean and sober lifestyle, we encourage therapy with the entire family system.

Family therapy treatments will be conducted in a professional and discreet environment that is respectful of a client’s privacy, but at the same time creates a setting where thoughts and feelings about relationships can be addressed.

Family Therapy in Treatment

Our family therapist will incorporate the following into our treatment program:

  • Involve other family members in the direct participation of treatment
  • Recognize the strengths and challenges within the broader family system
  • Work with the family to nurture and embrace positive change
  • Assist the family in gaining knowledge about the causes of addiction
  • Increase emotional intimacy and communication in the family system
  • Guide each family participant to learning how to be a part of the client’s sober lifestyle after treatment

Family therapy will be offered weekly, or more frequently if needed. In addition, couples counseling services with similar goals are available on a weekly basis for addiction support.

When left untreated, addiction isn’t just a brain disease. It becomes a family disease. We are here to treat the addiction and target all areas in the person’s life that addiction affects.