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Outpatient Detox

Detox has physical, biological, emotional, psychological and social factors. While some individuals may require a hospital-based detox for a brief period of time, Peaceful Ridge Recovery can treat the majority of clients through outpatient detox, offered seven days a week. We’ve built an effective outpatient detox program utilizing a unique and science-based approach to all of the detox components.


outpatient_detoxOur Medically Assisted Treatments will allow for detox with minimal discomfort utilizing non-narcotic, non-habit forming medications. Our medical team implements medicines that rapidly and effectively help launch the recovery process so our patients can get rebuild their lives.  Our therapy team supports this process with evidence-based individual, family, and group therapies that help clients deal with the emotional and psychological aspects of recovery.

Our detox program takes one of the most uncomfortable steps of the recovery process and makes it a less threatening, more effective method. Reinforcing of the scientifically-based program, our outpatient detox program is supported With daily medical attention and regular therapies.