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Outpatient Treatments for Substance Abuse


DSC_2619 Our outpatient treatment for substance abuse provides daily individual therapy and medical treatment.  We’ve listened and we understand that this opportunity is a necessity. Our discrete and professional manner supports our clients’ recovery efforts through their detox, recovery and beyond.

Our daily groups are scheduled to help clients understand the medical component of their addiction, what can be done about it, and what skills will be necessary to sustain recovery.

There is also extensive opportunity for family therapy in our outpatient treatment program. We understand the effects of addiction often veer into our personal lives. There are often bridges to mend and hearts to heal when acknowledging that we are not alone in the recovery process.

Specialty Programming

Seeking Safety is an evidenced based program for those that have suffered trauma in their lives.  This includes sexual abuse, emotional, physical abuse, grief and loss issues and other similar conditions.  Unresolved trauma often lurks beneath the surface of many substance abusers and is a frequent trigger to use, or continue use.  This program will allow you to address these issues in a safe environment, assisting you to understand the effects of the trauma learn coping skills for dealing with unwanted thoughts and free your mind to move forward with your life.

Marijuana Program is geared towards those that are struggling with their use of marijuana.  Often times we ignore those with a marijuana problem, after all it’s only weed, right?  Our staff has over 15 years of research and treatment behind this evidenced based model and will work with you on an individual basis to meet your goals.