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Addiction Treatments


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While our medical team supports the biology of recovery, the therapy team helps address the psychological factors of the recovery process. Drug and alcohol addictions manifest in different ways in different people, but the biology behind addiction creates the foundation for recovery. At Peaceful Ridge Recovery, our addiction treatment programs enlist the science of brain function when creating practical programs that meet our patients where they are.



Detox with Peaceful Ridge Recovery

Peaceful Ridge Recovery takes a unique and science based approach to all of the detox components: biological, emotional, physical, psychological and social. Our Medically Assisted Treatments, utilizing non-narcotic, non-habit forming medications, create a detox period with minimal discomfort.

At the appropriate time, our medical team then moves clients to medicines that will rapidly and effectively help clients to rebuild their lives. Throughout the entire process, our therapy team supports the recovery process with evidence-based individual, family, and group therapies.


Addiction Changes Brain Chemistry

As you use drugs and alcohol, these substances alter several basic functions of your brain. Sure, we know that when people are high or drunk they often make significant errors in judgment, but science has demonstrated that this condition can remain for up to two years or more after you stop using. This explains why people can have a positive treatment experience that can be very costly and then enter into relapse soon after discharge, leaving them, their families, and their friends frustrated, angry and hopeless.


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  • Peaceful Ridge Recovery will provide a medical approach that allows the brain to recover from this condition rapidly.  Clients will regain the ability to make sound judgments, decisions, and move forward in recovery.
  • There is a large body of science supporting these treatments and federal agencies like the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) are actively promoting them.  The question should not be “Why is Peaceful Ridge Recovery using this approach?” but “Why isn’t everyone?”
  • While we understand that there are some individuals that may need “substitution” medications such as suboxone and methadone, we use these sparingly.  Often times, the withdrawal from these drugs can be worse than the original substance. Non-habit forming and non-addicting medications offer an effective alternative.