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Prescription Drug Addiction

Benzodiazepines (Xanex, Valium, etc.)


Intoxication Effects

Sedation/drowsiness, reduced anxiety, feelings of well-being, lowered inhibitions, slurred speech, poor concentration, confusion, dizziness, impaired coordination and memory


Health Consequences

lowered blood pressure, slowed breathing, tolerance, withdrawal, addiction; increased risk of respiratory distress and death when combined with alcohol



Medically supervised detox from benzodiazepines is often required, and usually takes place in an outpatient setting.  Compliance with medical protocols for detox requires discipline, as risks associated with these drugs are often misunderstood and minimized. Treatment involves daily meetings with medical team, individual therapy, family therapy and group education to uncover and treat the cause for prescription as well as addiction. Many individuals are successful utilizing 12 step groups for a sustained recovery.

Often times people are prescribed these drugs and become addicted over time. These prescription drugs are commonly used as part of medical treatment for anxiety or stress resulting from everyday life, however, the long term use can be detrimental. Tolerance, withdrawal, and addiction are consequences that arise, along with the side effects of the prescribed drugs. Despite the prevalence of prescription drug addiction, drugs like Valium are still commonly prescribed.

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